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The Benefits Of Wearing A Military Watch

Posted by on Sep 25, 2015 in Equipment | Comments Off on The Benefits Of Wearing A Military Watch

image of how to choose a tactical watch 2015Contrary to popular belief, females are not the only individuals who have difficulty finding fashion accessories. In fact, the majority of males will agree that locating something stylish and practical can be difficult, particularly when it comes to watches.

Not all people want a gold Rolex despite the stylishness and high societal reputation; instead, there are some people who prefer functionality over a dazzling face. This article will discuss the functional, yet sometimes stylish tactical watch and its different benefits.

If you’re curious, our top rated military watch is the 5.11 Field Ops. Watch the video review below.

1. Being Robust

This may be a sexist remark, but the majority of laborers are males. It is rare that one sees a female mechanic or builder, and to meet the rough characteristics of these occupations it is essential that one have a rugged and durable watch. The military watch is one of the most robust watches available without being too expensive. It is waterproof and scratch resistant. Plus, it has a rugged manly appearance that will increase one’s level of masculinity.

2. The Face And Color

Military watches are available in two colors: dark green and black, with the most popular color being black. The watch presents with an uncluttered background using a black dial with white numbers and minute markers. This color scheme is beneficial in that it is one of the easiest schemes to read in both light and dark settings. It is particularly useful in dark settings as the white markers are emphasized.

3. The Face Cover

One unique feature of military watches is that the glass face cover is made from acrylic crystals instead of glass. This may be confusing as previous information states that the glass covers are durable and is scratch resistant; however, acrylic crystals are known for their easy to scratch nature. While the face may receive scratches, the scratch can be polished out very easily leaving the watch looking as good as new. It should also be noted that acrylic crystals are inexpensive and are easily replaced if they do break or receive a crazy amount of scratches.

4. The Watch Strap

Another unique feature of the military watch is the ‘fixed lug’ wrist strap. Watches will utilize spring bars as an attachment between the watch face and strap; however, the military watch does not have these spring bars presenting rather with a fixed lug. This is beneficial in that it reduces the chance of bar breakage, thus reducing the chance of damage to the overall watch.

In addition to the fixed lugs, one will note that the military watch utilizes a NATO watch strap. The NATO strap is create using nylon that is not easy to break and molds to the users wrist. Further, NATO straps are easy to clean with stains being easily wiped away. NATO straps are also available in a variety of colors; however, the strap color will often be identical to the watch color.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, locating a manly and durable watch is not as difficult as originally thought. By using the information above one will clearly see how a military watch can benefit the wearer.

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How to Shoot With Both Eyes Open

Posted by on Sep 2, 2015 in Hunting, Tips and Advices | Comments Off on How to Shoot With Both Eyes Open

Binocular vision is a fundamental component of the human vision system. Both eyes are meant to work as a pair, however, sometimes our brain prefer to receive some visuals from one eye over the other. It is for this case you will find shooter closing one eye and not the other. This squinting of the non-aiming eye usually causes eye fatigue and muscle strains which further dilates it due to insufficient supply of light. Most often those who uses one eye in their hunting will have one eye opening more than the other. It is therefore very imperative to have both eyes remain open when shooting.

Practice using Both eyes for shooting

There will always be differences in light sensitivity and acuity in both eyes , so it is good to establish if you can see the sight with two eyes when you focus on an object for more than ten seconds without seeing “false images”. If you can’t, then it would be near impossible to shoot with both eyes. You shouldn’t lose hope, though, you can try aiming at your target for a shorter period. Why is this important? Sometimes our eye gets tired, so aiming at a target for long abuses our eyes muscles, leading to fatigue compromising your ultimate vision on the target.
An effective way of making sure you open both eyes is to avoid intense aiming. Shooting without being ready! Only aim when you are ready, and you have acquired a proper sight of your target. If you miss, try again and again but when relaxed.

The Mental Approach

stock-footage-brain-power-loopIf you tell yourself that you will miss a target, you definitely will! ,but if you tell yourself that you never miss then, trust me you will never miss. Do not let any negative attitude or emotions get best of you. Not once have I seen One of my friends settle on a deer, aims at it and fire! But oops they haven’t loaded their gun. Attitude emotions are what kills a hunter.
There is a likely possibility that you will miss a target especially if you are learning to shoot with both eyes. If you miss, move on! Thinking about what you missed will lead to more missed target.
Concentrate and stay focused. Do not pack your fear, fantasies and thoughts in your rifle or bow bag. They won’t help you. They will only be against you.

The Physical Approach

ak_position_standingYour one arm should be raised to a position parallel to the ground and the other bent at the elbow to promote comfortable swinging. Your knees should be slightly bent if you are using a rifle, also to permit unrestricted swinging. Loosen up your hips to generate swinging motions.

The plan is to shoot your target as soon as possible. But you need to put those two into position when on a hunt, your mind and your body. Whether you are using both eyes or on eye one your hunt. Remember ‘practice makes perfect’ Sooner or later you will be a trainer and a pro in your hunt.

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Which Tent Should You Buy For Your Outdoor Adventure?

Posted by on Sep 2, 2015 in Camping, Equipment | Comments Off on Which Tent Should You Buy For Your Outdoor Adventure?

Camping can be so much fun but one of the most important things that you must consider is that you are going to need a good tent. Have you ever been out in the elements of nature and it just started to poor down rain? Well sometimes the rain does not hit you directly but you end up getting soaked anyway because your tent likes to hold water. Another thing to think about is the wind. Imagine being all cozy in your tent at night and a big gust just collapses your tent on you.


Top Tents To Use When Camping

1. Coleman Sundome Tents

colemanColeman has been around for many years and they are known to make an excellent product at an affordable cost to all consumers. The Sundome series of tents are made to fit up to 6 people. They have a sturdy design with fiberglass poles and a polyester lining. The floor is made of polyethylene to make sure that you stay dry on those wet nights.

2. Coleman WeatherMaster Tent

coleman 2Another great product by Coleman. Their WeatherMaster series of tents are made for larger groups of people and can comfortably sleep up to 6 campers in this 2 room tent. It has the option of being an open tent with screens or can be zipped to close with flaps. This versatility gives you one of the best options for your outdoor experience.

3. Wenzel Klondike Family Cabin Tent

This is the best option if you plan on taking your family camping. It is aptly called the Family Cabin because of it’s immense size. Not only is this tent huge but it has multiple rooms, high ceiling, and can fit up to 8 people. Using this tent is like taking your house with you when camping. One of the best parts about this tent is that is easy to put up and down. Many companies make tents of this size but hardly any of them compare to the quality of this Klondike tent.

4. Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent

This is a really good basic tent for you to use on your adventure. This tent says that it sleeps ten but to be honest with you I would say six at a maximum. This tent is very strong and extremely wind proof. Mountain Trails is also a well known company that makes quality products and it shows in the production of the Grand Pass line of products.

5. Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent

No surprise rounding up at number 5 is once again an amazing tent by Coleman. This can sleep up to eight people and has a water resistant shell and a completely waterproof ground covering. The Red Canyon Tents are best suited for hiking as they are compact to carry yet strong enough to keep you safe out in the elements. These are ruggedly designed and ready for all your hiking needs.
As you can see there are quite a few quality tents to choose from. So depending on what you want to do on your adventure you have many different options. Have fun Camping!

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Tips and Tactics- Duck Hunting

Posted by on Sep 2, 2015 in Hunting, Tips and Advices | Comments Off on Tips and Tactics- Duck Hunting

If you plan to go on a hunting trip soon, you actually need to understand some duck hunting tips that would help your hunting success. When you make a good catch from the hunting, the trip becomes enjoyable. What this means is that hunting is not just a vacation activity. It requires you to have sufficient skills to at least make a catch. Whether a trip takes a day of weeks, the most important part of it is planning. The following tips and techniques will help you for a successful duck hunting.

1. Preparation

A successful duck hunting trip will be marked by adequate preparation. Before the hunting trip begins, there are some preparations that need to be actualized. The first of them all is checking with the hunting laws if the host nation. Since different countries or states have different hunting laws, checking on hunting laws should be done weeks or even months before the trip. You should acquire authorization from the relevant departments. In many countries, you must be in possession of duck hunting license and have various stamps on the license. Once the paperwork is completed, then you can begin the step of getting ready for the trip.

2. Hunting gear

The nature of the hunting gear that you select depends on the destination and the time you will spend during the trip. If it is winter season, you will be required to carry with you winter garments. If you have less information about the weather, you can dress in layers. From the layers, you can undress as the weather changes. You also need to select the appropriate footwear for the activities ahead. If hunting is to take place on the water, you need to put on waterproof footwear. If the hunting involves you getting into the water, you need to put on hip boots and waders.

3. Select the proper gun

You need to select the proper gun for hunting. Before going for hunting, you need to practice and familiarize with the gun in your possession. It would be messy to use a weapon that you have little knowledge about. Since all guns are made differently, you need to look for the gun that is comfortable for you to carry and hold. The gun you select must also be light enough not to exceed your hand’s ability to hold onto it. Pay attention to the gun safety as given by the manufacturer. Make sure that you are aware of what is happening around you. If you are in a team of inexperienced hunters, take more caution as you could get injured.

4. Correctly identify the ducks

Having the skills to identify correctly the ducks would land you at the safer position to achieve your hunting goals. It may take the time to identify the duck of choice while the Ducks are far away from you. The best way to successfully identify the ducks is by undertaking prior studies about the nature of the birds you are going to meet during the trip. Study more about their behavior and appearance as it may help you identify them during the hunting. With knowledge and little experience, you can identify and correctly select the ducks without much difficulties.

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These Items are a Must Have on your Camping Trip

Posted by on Sep 2, 2015 in Camping, Equipment | Comments Off on These Items are a Must Have on your Camping Trip

Going camping can make for an amazing holiday, but you will need to invest in some good quality camping gear if you want everything to go smoothly. You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot on your camping equipment either, as you can choose from a range of cheaper brands that still offer a good level of quality. There will be a lot of different things that you will need, so it can pay to sit down and make a list to give you an idea of exactly what you need.

Here are a few of the most common items that will be required:


PicMonkey CollageWhether you will be camping for the first time or not, buying your own tent will make sure you have it on hand for any follow-up camping trips you decide to enjoy later on. There are lots of different kinds of tents for you to choose from and picking the best one for you can sometimes seem a little difficult. If you are new to camping an easy pop-up tent may be better, whereas experienced campers may enjoy the experience of putting up their own tent more. If you will be holidaying with a number of people consider buying a larger eight-man tent so that everyone can fit in comfortably.

Sleeping equipment

Your sleeping equipment will, obviously, determine how good a night’s sleep you will get. Consider buying a camp bed or air bed if you would like to be more comfortable, and make sure you pick the right sleeping bag for the season.

Cooking equipment

If you want to be able to enjoy good food while on your camping holiday you should get yourself some cooking equipment that you can use to cook up a fantastic campsite meal. You should get pots, pans and a mini gas stove. You will also need some plastic or paper plates and bowls, along with knives, forks and other utensils. Don’t forget to clean up any mess you make before you leave!


Each member of your holiday party will need their own torch so you can get about in the darkness. You will definitely be thankful when you are using your torch to make your way to the campsite’s toilets in the middle of the night!

Camping toiletries

Though a lot of campsites have showers now it can often be better to assume the worst and take some special camping toiletries with you just in case. The showers may be out of order, constantly in use or just not in the best of condition, but you will be able to use your dry shampoo, conditioner and shower gel still.

The intention of a camping trip would be to have fun and appreciate a component of nature that individuals seldom see. Nonetheless, you also need to stay safe and not underestimate the harsh climate on the outdoors. Having the basic survival gear like Gerber knives will just be sure you have a nicer trip and not come across a problem you don’t have a alternative for. A safe trip is also a pleasant one.

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The Top Five Reasons why Everyone Should try Camping at Least Once

Posted by on Sep 2, 2015 in Camping | Comments Off on The Top Five Reasons why Everyone Should try Camping at Least Once

If you are planning a short break and have completely ruled out camping, because you think it is too much like hard work or not enjoyable, then let me try and persuade you of its many benefits. Really, everyone needs to go camping at least once in their life. Even if it is just to say that you have done it. Surely it should be on everyone’s bucket list?

Below are the top five Reasons why Everyone Should try Camping at Least Once In their lifetime. Hopefully they will make you change your mind.

It is inexpensive

This is true. Camping is incredibly cheap. Ok you have to buy the basic gear such as the tent and sleeping bag, but once these are bought you can use them again and again. The cost of a tent and sleeping bag are also a lot cheaper than hiring a cabin, or staying in a hotel. You can of course make it even cheaper by borrowing a tent and other essentials for your first camping trip. That way it won’t cost you anything! Other bits of kit like backpack and a camping stove can also be borrowed or bought fairly cheaply. In these frugal economic times, camping is by far the holiday of choice.

The campfire

Everyone knows that camping equals the campfire. Who hasn’t wanted to toast marshmallows on an outdoor fire? Seriously, everyone needs to do this. You will also feel a great sense of accomplishment and of ‘being with nature’ once you have successfully built and kit one.

The great outdoors

nature-camping-tent-campfire-sunsetCamping is the great outdoors. There is nothing else quite like it. The fact that you can pitch your tent, sleep under the stars and then wake in the morning surrounded by nature. Nothing else compares to this. You can go fishing, hiking, bike riding or just simply relax and take in the stunning scenery. Camping provides a time for relaxation and taking tome off, allowing the mind to breathe.


The perfect romantic getaway/social gathering

What could be more romantic than pitching the tent in a secluded a spot, building a roaring campfire, sipping beer or wine with the love of your life. Just the two of you enjoying a romantic getaway. It is the perfect setting.

However if you are single then why not use a camping trip as a social gathering for all of your other single friends. You could take turns in cooking the fish you have caught, as well as catching up on each other’s lives. There’s not much time to do this with today’s busy lifestyles.

You can go anywhere

15-essentials-to-take-on-your-next-camping-tripIf you have a tent you can literally pitch it anywhere. Camping is just so versatile. You can camp in a different area each night so that every morning you are greeted by a different view. You don’t get this in a hotel. This is one of the great beauties of camping, the fact that you can go pretty much anywhere.
I really hope that these five reasons have helped to persuade you that everyone needs to go camping at least once in their lifetime. If you are still in doubt, then why not just go camping for one night, and see if that changes your mind.

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Camping across Canada – The best Destinations

Posted by on Sep 2, 2015 in Camping | Comments Off on Camping across Canada – The best Destinations

It is not surprising that one of the things foreign tourists want to do when they visit Canada is to go camping. The locals themselves also enjoy this recreational activity. Being in the forest or sleeping out in the open under the starry sky is worlds away from the hustle and bustle of attending school and going to work day after day, which is something that many people would love to experience if only for a day. That is why many foreigners welcome the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Canada before returning to their busy schedules back in their home country.

However, most trips will not go well without undertaking sufficient preparation beforehand. Here are some important points to keep in mind before going camping in Canada:

1. Do not leave behind your travel documents in the hotel. Keep your passport, visa, IDs, and Super Visa insurance or other insurance policies in a waterproof pouch so that they are protected if you get caught in the rain while outdoors. This will also be convenient if you need to provide proof of identification, pay for hospital care, or leave the country at a moment’s notice.


2. Book a guide or join a tour if you are camping alone or if you and your companions know nothing about the camping and the area you are visiting. This is for your safety and enjoyment as well because camping guides will take you to the best spots to set up camp, those with shelter and natural water sources, and teach you other camping skills as well.

3. Do not forget to pack insect repellent spray or lotion (preferably DEET-based), a thermal blanket, extra socks, durable clothes, raincoat, water, and dried food.

4. Speaking of food, if you want to bring sandwiches you can use pita bread instead of regular bread. It is thinner so it does not take up too much space. You can also bring canned food that can be cooked over a campfire. Do not forget power bars as well so that you can replenish your body’s energy when you are hiking to and from your campsite.

5. Bring flashlights/penlights, matches, and a pocket knife. If you do not like dealing with batteries, you can use glowsticks instead. These will be useful when you are in camp. Keep in mind that there are campsites that prohibit fires. Check first so that you can bring a camp stove or ready-to-eat food.


6. Make sure your tent and sleeping bag are designed to withstand the environment you are camping in. If it is winter and you are in the middle of a snowy field, you will need waterproof, thermal tents, and padded sleeping bags. If the campsite where you will be camping has rough terrain, bring camping gear that is made of durable materials. Do your research and ask for recommendations from your guide prior to the big day so that you can prepare accordingly.

Canada’s forests are often protected by the provincial or national governments. It is therefore understandable that they will insist on maintaining the cleanliness of the campsites and preserving the natural environment. You should take care in cleaning up; bring along garbage bags for your non-biodegradable trash. Do not leave trash bags behind unless there are garbage bins in the campsite, and dispose of your waste properly when you get back to civilization.

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