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The official Stafford Beer web site at John Moores University.
The Metaphorum Group
Developing Stafford Beer's Legacy in Management Cybernetics
+ Wizard Prang - including VB illustrations
The Viable Systems Model - a guide for co-operatives and federations, by Jon Walker.
A Biography of Beer
Bite-size portions of Beer's Disciplinary Matrix, Symbolic Generalizations or Definitions, Values, Guiding Questions, Beliefs, Models, Analogies, Exemplars, Techniques...
NEW - To Commemorate Stafford Beer
by Leonid Ototsky - Chief Specialist of the Computer Center,
Magnitogorsk Iron&Steel Works ( Russia.
Preface to Autopoiesis: The Organization of the Living
See tin.
Primer biog by Markus Schwaninger
Stafford Beer Biography on Wikipedia

1926 -2002
Memorial address
by Alenna Leonard

Vanilla Beer - Artist

Summer Fruits - Spring Greens - Fresh Food - New Life
Martinique Series - Food Paintings - Art for Sale
Other Artwork: Food Portraits - Hidden Art - Art for Sale

Prenez Mangez et Vivez Book
Relics - Clay - Fossils - War - More War
Silent Spaces CDs

Esperaza, Aude, France - CV & Career - CV en français - Writings - Peacock University - Links