9 Impasse Du Dr Duffour, 11260 Esperaza, France / /


2011 (Oct) Included in Secret, Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, London.

2011 (May) Solo Exhibition for Artistes à Suivre, Couiza, France

2011 (May) included in Mat Hilton: atelier ouvert

2011 (March) Solo Exhibition, Faby, France

2010 (Oct) Included in Secret, Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, London.

2010 (March) Solo Exhibition Place des Deux Rennes, Rennes-les-Bains, France.

2010 (July) with Katrina Head and Jim Barty, Artoteque, Rennes-les-Bains, France.

2009 (Dec) with Annie Poulan, Galerie Maud-Salome, Quillan, France.

2009 (Oct) Solo Exhibition, Galerie Auberge de Fa, Rouvenac, France.

2009 (Sept) Solo Exhibition, Magie et Mythe, Espace d’art, Rennes-les-Bains, France

publication of Situations Fâcheuses to accompany exhibition

2009 (Sept) Solo Exhibition, Place des Deux Rennes, Rennes-les-Bains, France.

2009 (July) Included in The Drawing Group of Esperaza, Espace d’Art, Rennes-les-Bains,


2009 (June) Included in Green, Espace d’Art, Rennes-les-Bains, France.

2009 (May) Artists à Suivre ; book signing and exhibition, Couiza, France

2009 (March/April) Included in International Surrealism Festival, Modesto Art Museum,

Modesto, California USA

2009 (March) Included in Toches et Clochers, Malras, France

2009 (Feb) Solo Exhibition, The Joy of Painting, Peterbrough, England

2008 (Dec) Represented Breukelen Winter Arts Fair by Gallerie C-ent, Holland

2008 (Dec) Solo Expo Galerie C-ent,Prinsengracht 100, 1015 DZ Amsterdam,Holland.

2008 (Aug) participated in l’Air, Espace d’Art, Rennes-les-Bains, France.

2008 (Aug) Exhibited with Dix Artistes d’Esperaza, l’Atelerie Gallery, Esperaza, France.

2008 (July) Solo Exhibition Casino, Alet-les-Bains, France.

2008 (June-) Represented by Galerie Caunes, Minervois, France.

2008 (June) Exhibited with Dix Artistes d’Esperaza, Espace d’Art, Rennes-les-Bains, France.

2008 (Feb/March) Solo Exhibition l’Atelerie Gallery, Esperaza, France

2008 (Jan/May) Exhibited in Musée du Miel, Esperaza, France.

2008 (Jan -) Represented by Tracker d’Art Gallery, Toulouse, France.

2007 (Dec) Exhibited at Tracker d’Art Gallery, Toulouse, France.

2007 (Nov) Exhibited in Musée du Miel, Esperaza, France.

2007 (Oct) Included in Secret, Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, London.

2007 (July) Included in Le Pays de l’Aude, Espace d’Art, Rennes-les-Bains, France.

2007 (July) Solo Exhibition l’Atelerie Gallery, Esperaza, France

2007 (June) Included in Le Bleu, Espace d’Art, Rennes-les-Bains, France.

2007 (May) Selected for inclusion Chemin des Artistes de la Haute Vallée de l’Aude.

2007 (Mar) Selected for expo at Toques et Clochers, Limoux, France.

2006 (Dec) included in exhibition, Casino, Alet-les-Bains, France

2006 (Oct) included in exhibition at Maison Gilbert, Lezignan, France

2006 (Oct) Included in Secret, Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, London.

2006 (Oct) Solo Exhibition, Union, 50 Greek St. Soho, London.

2006 (July) Included in La Révolution Française, Espace d’Art, Rennes-les-Bains, France.

2006 (May) Solo Exhibition Maison de Tourisme, Quillan, France

2006 (May) Selected for inclusion Chemin des Artistes de la Haute Vallée de l’Aude,

2006 (April) Solo Exhibition l’Atelerie Gallery, Esperaza, France

2006 (Feb-March) included in Les Nus d’Esperaza, l’ Atelerie Gallery, Esperaza

2005/6 (Dec. – Jan) Exhibited with sculptor Joel Barthes at Maison Gilbert, Lezignan, France.

2005 included in touring show, covering the Aude region, France

concluding in March at the Dome, Carcassonne.

2005 Selected for inclusion Chemin des Artistes de la Haute Vallée de l’Aude, open studios.

2005 invited to show with Art for Care, Edinburgh, Scotland.

2005 Solo exhibition Place des Deux Rennes, Rennes les Bains, France.

2005 included in La Vie de l’Eau et l’Eau de la Vie, Espace d’Art, Rennes les Bains

2005 Solo exhibition Espace d’Art, Rennes les Bains, France.

2004 included in 8eme Salon des Arts Plastiques de Trebes, France

2004 Joint exhibition with Ellie Clemens at La Caderonne, Esperaza, France

2004 Group exhibition, Exposition d’Art, Centre Culturelle, Esperaza, France.

2004 Included in Chemin des Artistes de la Haute-Vallée de l’Aude, open studios.

2004 Joint exhibition with Ellie Clemens at Art du Quai, Esperaza, France.

2004 Included in International Plein Air Expo., Art Du Quai, Esperaza.

2004 Included in Secret, Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, London.

2004 Solo exhibition at the Casino, Alet-les-Bains, France

2003 Included in group exhibition at Creative Spirit Arts Center, New York, USA

2003 Exhibition with Ellie Clements in Chelmsford, Massachusets, USA

2003 Included in Chemin des Artistes de la Haute-Vallée de l’Aude, open studios.

2003 Exhibited in Day of The Dead Exhibition, N.London.

2003 Exposicion del Arte Internacional at Almeria, Spain

2003 Launched a series of sound CD’s, Silent Spaces, at The Horse Hospital, London.

2002 included in Themeless, Sally Barker Gallery, Hackney.

2002 included in Green Tea, Vauxhall Park Festival, London.

2002 Included in New Works by Old Fellows, Artescape exhibition, The Gallery, Dury

Lane, Lincoln and Greestone Gallery, School of Art, University of Lincoln.

2001 Artist in residence, Hall Place, Bexley – workshops and solo exhibition, video made

of interactive installation.

2001 with Vladimir Dirsh and Aurora Munoz, Exhibition for the Millenium,

National Institute of Physics, Portland Place London.

2001 group show at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, SE London.

2001 solo exhibition at Gallery 291, Hackney.

2000 Solo exhibition, Portraits and Narrative Paintings, Heathers, Deptford.

2000 installation included in International Art Museum, Deptford.

2000 Solo exhibition at Blackheath Concert Halls, London.

2000 Solo exhibition, Inside Influence, Stephen Lawrence Gallery.

2000 group exhibition, The Box Show, Zillah Bell Gallery, York.

2000 included in 291 Artmart at Gallery 291, Hackney, London.

1999 included in Women of the 20th Century, Greenwich Museum

1999 group exhibition at Woodlands Gallery, Blackheath, London

1998 Solo exhibition, Dimbola Lodge Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight.

1997 Solo exhibition, Citizens Gallery, Woolwich, London.

1996 Solo exhibition at Harpers, London Bridge, London.

1996 Solo exhibition at Heathers, Deptford.

1995 Group exhibition, Genderquake, Citizens Gallery, Woolwich. Selector.

1995 Invited Artist, with ‘Myth information’ Chats Palace

1995 Solo Open Studio, Woolwich, London.

1995 Invited Artist, Woodlands Art Gallery, Blackheath, London.

1994 Farrago Visuals, invited artist, Chats Palace, London

1994 with Dave Eyre, Citizens Gallery, Woolwich, London.

1994 with Dave Eyre and Michelle Murray, Rathaus-Galerie, Reinickendorf, Berlin

1994 Solo exhibition Whittakers Gallery, Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

1994 Solo exhibition Heathers, Deptford.

1993 Group exhibition, Space Frame Gallery, Gillingham, Kent.

1993 Group exhibition, Hall Place, Kent.

1993 with Bernard Heslin, Battersea Studios Television Centre.

1993 /1994 Solo exhibition, Madrigal Centre, Manilla, Philippines;

(Awarded British Council support.)

1993 included in South East London Annual Arts exhibition, Blackheath, London.

1992 Solo exhibition at Trinity Arts Centre, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

1992 Solo exhibition at Old Rectory, Sturton-by-Stow, Lincolnshire

1992 Solo exhibition at Artescape, Sturton-by-Stow, Lincolnshire.

1991 group exhibition at Art/London Expo 91

1991 Lasting Impressions, printmaking group show at Festival Hall – invited artist and on

selection panel.

1991 Group exhibition at Scarborough Art Gallery

1991 Atlantis Great Car Boot Sale

1991 invited artist, Women In Art, Woodlands Art Gallery, Blackheath.

1990 Group exhibitions in Tom Caldwell Galleries, Belfast and Dublin, N. and S. Ireland.

1990 invited artist, Portobello Open Print Exhibition, London.

1990 group exhibition; 20:20 vision, The Tall House, Southwark Street London SE1 –

work on publicity.

1990 Solo exhibition; Alchemy; Citizens Gallery, Woolwich, London.

1990 selected for On the Railings, Docklands Art Fair, Isle of Dogs.

1989 Solo exhibition; Drian Gallery, London W2. Picture sold to Polish National Gallery.

1989 Group exhibition; The Art of the Printmaker Festival Hall. Work used on poster and



1988 exhibition with Patrick Cuenot, 224a Shaftesbury Ave., London W2

1988 Group exhibition, Drawn To Print, Swiss Cottage Library, London.

1988 Group exhibition, Recent Prints, Royal Festival Hall, London.

1988 Solo exhibition; New Paintings, De La Warr Pavilion, Sussex.

1987 Solo exhibition; Leighton House Museum, Kensington, London.

1987 with Patrick Cuenot, Oasis, Topsfield Parade, N.London

1987 group exhibition, Contemporary International Artists, Queens Gate, London

1986 Group exhibition, Print ’86, Concourse Gallery, Barbican, City of London.

1986 Group exhibition, Print and Text, Garden Gallery, Kew

1986 Included in Rank Xerox Collection, touring – bought for Rank Xerox Collection.

1986 with Bernard Heslin, Open Studio, Altenberg Gardens, Battersea, London.

1986 group exhibition; Portraits of Artists, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex.

1985 group exhibition, The Printed Image, Leighton House, Kensington, London

1985 The Bordeaux Arts Festival, Bordeaux, France.

1985 Artists for Peace, St James, Picadilly, London.

1985 group exhibition of large works; Double Elephant, Concourse Gallery, Barbican,

City of London.

1985 selected for Open Drawing Exhibition, White Space Gallery, Islington, London.

1985 invited to exhibit; Souvenir Show, Camerawork, Roman Road, East London.

1985 Selected for Kawagawa exhibition, Japan.

1985 International Contemporary Arts Fair, Olympia

(-non aligned artist, stand 946 – donated by the organisers)

1985 Solo exhibition ; Golden Jubilee Celebration, De La Warr Pavilion,

Including 2 tier window installation.

1984 Group exhibition Contemporary Prints, National Theatre, South Bank, London.

1984 Group exhibition , Art and Vision, Westminster Cathedral, London.

1984 Christies Contemporaty Art, Marie Jordon Gallery, Yorks.

1984 Public View with Bernard Heslin, Bert Seaborn and Lettie Bosman

Festival Hall, South Bank, London, for which VB made an 80 ft long installation over the main entrance to the Festival Hall.

1984 included in Gallery Artists Art Show, Jerdan Place Gallery, Fulham, London

1984 group exhibition Young Printers, Arts Theatre, Great Newport Street, Central London

1984 included in Sheffield Open Art Exhibition, Mappin Gallery, Sheffield.

1984 included in Battersea Open Art Exhibition, Battersea Arts Centre, London.

1984 Selected for Present Prints, Bloomsbury Theatre Gallery, London University

1983 touring group exhibition, The Box Train

1983 Solo exhibition; Stats, touring London Libraries.

1983 with Jane Jackson and Roger Kohn, Art Attack, Cuts Gallery, Kensington, London

1983 Solo exhibition; Centre 181 Gallery, Hammersmith, London

1983 G.L.C Peace Year Exhibition, Royal Festival Hall, London. Prize Winner

1983 and1982 selected for Summer Show Lyric Theartre, Hammersmith, London

  1. group exhibition ; P.M.C. 21st yr exhibition, Festival Hall, South Bank, London.

1981 Arts Council touring exhibition finishing at ICA, London

1980 Group exhibition, MacRobert Arts Centre Stirling, Scotland

  1. Group exhibition, Arts et Metiers. Les Halles, Paris.


2008 Submitted thesis for Master of Arts, Exeter University: ‘The Order of Signs;

Esotericism in the Work of David Jones, 1895 – 1974) Awarded with Merit.

2006 Shortlisted prizewinner for public art commission Co. Mayo, Ireland.

2005 Awarded an Artescape grant to assist arts practice.

2001 Shortlisted prize winner selected for installation at Deptford Creek.

1997 Award from Ray Finnis Charitable Trust.

1996 Painting of the Month, Russell and Chapple, Shaftesbury Avenue, London

1991 Winner, The Mail on Sunday competition, selection made by Edward Lucie-Smith

1991 Awarded Artescape Fellowship

1993 /1994 Awarded British Council support for solo exhibition and teaching in Philippines

1984 elected to Fellow of Printmakers Council.

1983 Prize Winner G.L.C Peace Year Exhibition, Royal Festival Hall, London.

1964 Won ‘Oxfam’ Art competition– awarded box of watercolours

1960 Obtained Honours award from Royal Drawing Society.

Published Work

2009 Situations Fâcheuses published to accompany the exhibition, Magie et Mythe at Espace

d’art, Rennes-les-Bains, France

2009 Featured in The Guardian

2007 Interviewed BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

2006 Prenez, Mangez et Vivez; critical essays and reproductions of paintings, published by

Artescape /Peacock University

2004 Interviewed by Radio Northampton

2004 Book cover and six illustrations, Cybernetics and Human Knowing

2001 Interviewed by BBC London

2000 Delivered paper at conference in Avignon, France – findings on arts practise voted into

strategy document

1999The Art Arsenal’, a report commissioned by Greenwich Council on arts practice.

1998 Interviewed by Talk Radio

1997 Interviewed by LBC

1997-00 Book reviews for The Art Book.

1996 Interview on Talk Radio

1996 Interviewed by BBC Three Counties Radio

1994 A Serpent in Eden, Article in Artists Newsletter

1994 6 Book covers for Whiley and sons, publishers.

1993 Book cover designs for Greenwich University publications.

1992 Image included in Artists Newsletter Handbook.

1991 article in The Times

1990 Design work for Sphere and Collins books.

1991 Work selected for use in The Women Artists’ Diary

1988 Article on printmaking published in Trade Guild Journal.

1987 Work featured in Creative Drawing with Pencils, Element publications.

1983 Book cover commissioned by Mitchell Communications, Canada

1982 Set of 6 postcards designed for the band, “Sneezes in China...”

Other work/residencies/performances/workshops/teaching

2009 Lecture Greenwich University, London, England, via web-cam.

2005 Guest lecture and workshops, Greenwich University, London

2004 - 1997 part-time lecturer, Art and Media course, Greenwich University.

2003 Guest lecturer, Art in the Digital Age, Greenwich University

2002 Guest Lecturer, Arts and Heritage Management Course, Greenwich University.

2001 Artist in residence, Hall Place, Bexley , London

2001 Guest lecturer, Belief, Reason and Imagination course, Greenwich University.

2000 Facilitator for community sculpture park, Camberwell, London.

2000 -1999 Workshops commissioned by Common Purpose.

1998 Artist in Residence at Burnside Conference, Royal Naval College.

1998 Performance with My Eyes, My Eyes, Deptford, London

1998 Workshops in Greenwich and Camden.

1997 Performance with Amoeba at New Cross, London.

1997 Artist in residence at Catford Cultural Festival – drawings and interviews used on

subsequent interactive CD-ROM

1997/-6-5 Workshops for the Anti-racist Festival, Plumstead; also for Greenwich

Museum, Greenwich Borough and Common Purpose.

1996 Workshops in creative thinking for Civil Servants at Sunningdale College

1995 Advisor for Gallery 37, Greenwich, London.

1995 - 3 part-time teaching at Greenwich Community College.

1994 Performance and workshops, Anti-racist festival, Plumstead.

1994 –1991 Part-time studio assitant to R.B. Kitaj.

1991 Part-time lecturer in creative studies for Lewisham College

1990 Visiting Lecturer Southwark College.

1989 Design and implementation for ‘Side Effects’, special effects company

1989 Part-time teaching at Adult education classes, Inner London Education Authority.

1988 Part-time teaching at the London College of Furniture.

1985–1984 audio-visual projects for Integrated Circles, including commissions for I.B.M.

1985 Lecture at London College of Printing. One-off lectures at other London colleges


1981-1980 part-time teaching at Newent Comprehensive School, Gloucester

1973 Art Director for the Theatre Experience (S.E. Arts council funded)

1972 Taught drawing at the Sorbonne and at the Cité University for the American Institute for

Foreign Study, (A.I.F.S).

1968 Performed at Drury Lane Arts Lab.


    1. Exeter University, Master of Arts, Western Esotericism (Merit)

    1. Greenwich University Batchelor of Arts, Theological Studies (2:1)

1968-1971 Walthamstow College of Art, London. Diploma course

1967 -1968 West Surrey School of Art and Design, Farnham Surrey,

Pre-Diploma Course.

1966 –1967 Poles Covent, Ware, Herts.

1960 – 1966 St Maurs Convent Weybridge, Surrey

1954 –1960 Mylnhurst Convent, Dore, Sheffield, Yorks.

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