Meeting in the middle

If there’s been one theme as relates to art in the 20th and into the 21st century, it must be about the debate between high and low art. As readers by this point should know, I find the debate to be rather nonsensical. We like what we like, and I don’t think anyone should have to apologize for enjoying monster truck rallies in the evenings and Japanese pan flute in the morning.

The dregs and outcasts of society find their place beside the cultural elite in museums and galleries, but probably that is nowhere more certain than online. We can hide behind our anonymity and be who we want. We can pose as rich or poor, wearing our poker faces.

Bluffing to the Top

This realization led me to play online poker. I read a few articles at on strategy particularly for online poker since I’d usually played face to face. I’m not a great bluffer, but I’m a pretty good one. One of the most difficult things about playing online poker is that you don’t get to see another player’s tells in the same way, but you still can. This is particularly true if you’ve been playing against someone for a while. I think those with lots of money are the ones who play every hand to the end, assuming that things will work out for them eventually.

Those are the ones I like to take to the cleaners!

31 Jan 2020